There is nothing that fires me up more than supporting others to realise and actualise their full potential, heal and transform wounds into wisdom, and to


I offer Somatic Experiencing Trauma Recovery sessions, Women’s Reproductive Health sessions, and Feminine Leadership Coaching.

With 13 years of working experience as a clinician, educator, social innovation and international development, I specialise in trauma, sexual abuse, clinical supervision for mental health care professionals, as well as social change leadership mentoring for those who are passionate about fusing spirituality & joyful service for humanity.

“Never having done any type of somatic work before, just one somatic experiencing session with Atira was enough to demonstrate not only the capacity of SE as a force of powerful personal healing, but also serves as a beautiful insight into Atira’s grace, skill and compassion both outside of and within the work that she does.
The depth of healing that was reached under Atira’s guidance and care of a single session amazed me. I really cannot recommend Atira enough to anyone looking for deep, transformational healing, as the work that she does is truly a gift.”

– Matthew Grundy, USA.


Trauma Recovery Personalised 1:1 Sessions

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is, simply put, a bio-physiological approach to healing trauma.

SE addresses our primary nervous system functioning. It resolves stuck symptoms of past adverse events that remain in non-cognitive regions of the brain, such as; relational, developmental or shock trauma. I specialise in sexual abuse recovery for women and girls, as well as in peri-natal, attachment and development trauma.

Women’s Reproductive Health Sessions.

Women’s Reproductive Health sessions are specialised tailored one hour sessions to support the emotional and psychological healing for women who are suffering from a range of reproductive health issues.

Feminine Leadership 1:1 Coaching

If you are a woman who is passionate about realising your full potential, moving through your blocks and fears, and inspired to create change in the world, then my feminine leadership coaching program is for you!

“Before commencing yoga for women with Atira, my day to day experience of life was quite hum drum and bland, I felt numb most of the time, and anxiety was my predominant feeling state. I was exhausted ALL the TIME, from constantly trying to dull down and quash my emotions. My menstrual periods were absent and my relationship to my femininity was one of shame, repression and guilt.
After two years of committed practice I am a vibrant, courageous, healthy young woman. I feel the highs of life, and I allow myself to experience the lows, to really sink in be at home with my feelings. I am more confident in asking for what I want and need in my work and intimate relationships. This is a profound shift for me and I acknowledge that for all women, yoga with Atira has the potential to profoundly alter a woman’s relationship to her body and her spirit!”
– Jess Phillips, writer, Australia.
“Atira creates and holds a beautiful sacred space and does this with a warm human heart. Lost and weary parts feel safe to make themselves known and be lovingly transformed. She is a brilliant beacon of light to follow.”

– Allison Ross, Counsellor, Australia.

Sessions with Me

I am available in person or online for private therapy sessions, feminine leadership coaching, and clinical and supervision consultations. Sessions are usually an hour long, or 90 mins upon request.

As a licensed art therapist, somatically-based trauma practitioner, coach, meditation & yoga teacher, I customise an integrative approach depending on personal need, that includes a solid training in the psychological, social/cross- cultural, emotional, physiological, religious and developmental issues. with 15 years of trauma therapy experience in the field, my expertise is in sexual abuse recovery, peri-natal trauma, as well as in attachment and developmental trauma.

“Working with Atira through Somatic Experiencing has been the most effective form of therapy I’ve tried in my life. It’s provided me with essential tools for self-regulation and the opportunity to get to know myself on new, intimate levels. Becoming more aware of myself through a felt sense which is and will continue to be key to my healing journey and I wish for all walking the same path to have this powerful opportunity with Atira as well.”
– Carly Webb, Waitress, USA.



$150 USD/ 60  mins

$200 USD/ 90 mins


 3 x 60 mins sessions = $390 USD

3 x 90 min sessions = $540 USD


6 x 60 mins sessions = $660 USD

 6 x 90 min sessions = $960 USD

I also offer concession rates. Contact me for more information.

Not sure if this is the right fit?

Not a problem!

Book in your free introductory 20 minute online session!

I’m not interested in coaxing you into working with me. I’m interested in providing you with the help and assistance you need to heal, transform, and grow. In our 20 mins session, you’ll also get a great sense of how I work and whether we would be a good fit together.

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”

– Rilke

Upcoming Trainings

100 Hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training, Nepal

1st – 15th Dec 2019

200 Hr Foundations Yoga Teacher Training, Thailand

16th Feb – 16th Mar 2020

Bali Bellydance Retreat
Contemporary Bellydance & Women’s Yoga Retreat, Bali

24th – 30th May 2020

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