Welcome to Day 1!

We are so thrilled and delighted to welcome you to our beginning and Day 1 of our 100 Hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training!

To prepare you for our Opening ceremony, we would encourage you to bring the following:

* Journal and Pen

* Yoga Mat and Meditation Cushion

* Art materials such as pastels and colored pencils

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. This includes your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. As we traverse the waters of trauma as a group, it is important to understand our group agreements and guidelines which will support the safety and stability of a group container as we journey together with compassion and support.

In addition, you are invited to meditate and reflect on the following questions:

What is my intention for participating in this teacher training?
If you could paint an image or describe in words the vibration of your intention, what would it look like?
What are three things which I would like to get out of this experience personally?
What are three things which I would like to get out of this experience professionally?



Trauma-Informed Principles & Foundations

with Atira Tan

Journal & Reflection Questions

* Name one objective of Trauma-Informed Yoga.

* What are three principles of Trauma-Informed Yoga which resonated with you?

* Why do you think TIY is so important in a yoga class?