Are you a woman craving a deeper connection to her feminine spirit and heart?

Are you looking to discover your sensual womanly nature?
Or perhaps you’re needing to slow down and nurture yourself through a uniquely designed feminine spiritual practice?

In this FREE Sacred Feminine Yoga Practice, you will cultivate:

– More Self-Love and Self-Care through a unique feminine spiritual practice.
– Your female vitality and sensual intelligence & embodiment.
– A deep connection with your female body, your emotions and replenishing your adrenals and kidney energy.

You’ll receive:

– An intro to Sacred Feminine Yoga.
– A 30 minutes Sacred Feminine Yoga practice to nourish and replenish your kidney energy.
– A womanly meditation practice.
– Journal questions to explore your relationship to your feminine sensual embodiment.

And yes, you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

Sensual Embodiment for Women

This sacred and spiritual practice is designed for a woman’s body and is suitable for any age, stage of life, or level of yoga experience. It encourages a woman to be fully present with her feelings, allows space for her emotions to be expressed instinctually, unlocks higher levels of intuition and somatic intelligence and allows a deepening into the sensual pleasure of her body.

This free Sacred Feminine Yoga practice specifically will help you to nourish and replenish your kidney and adrenal energy, support you to slow down so that you can nurture and nourish what is truly blissful for you as a woman.

So sign up and enjoy the practice and your own feminine bliss!

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