6-week Sacred Feminine Yoga & Jade Egg Series with Atira Tan:

Awaken your Womanly Pleasure

A 6-week immersion into the womanly and sensual arts with Atira Tan.
25th March – 29th April 2020
Wednesdays 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Australian Shiatsu College, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia
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Enliven your feminine essence in this 6-week womanly embodied movement practice fusing both Tantric and Taoist wisdom to awaken your pleasure, sensual intelligence and the cultivation of self-love, inner sovereignty and bliss.

These 6 weeks are a unique immersion into the feminine approach to spiritual practices that focuses on nourishing your womb, ovarian energy, vitality and hormonal health through breath, movement and sound.

This womanly approach to yoga will support you to feel more self – love, cultivates your female vitality and nurture you into celebrating your sensual embodiment.

More than a yoga class, this 6-week course is specifically designed for a woman’s body and created for women who are ready to cultivate their sensual and instinctual aliveness and the journey home to the authentic feminine nature and power innate to us all. This practice encourages women to unlock blockages and stagnation in the body and allows space for emotions and feelings to be expressed so that there can be an unfolding of a deepening of sensual pleasure in the body.

This series will also include Jade Egg practices, which will be introduced in Week 3.

Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere created for you to feel safe and free to awaken your feminine body, nourish and replenish your feminine wisdom and sensuality.

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Reclaim your Sovereignty. Nurture your Feminine Bliss.

The entire 6-week course includes:
– 12 hours of Sacred Feminine Embodiment Workshops
– Weekly email journal questions and drops of wisdom delivered straight to your inbox, inspiring and supporting your womanly journey.
– Free 30 mins phone chat for therapeutic support
– Access to 3 Sacred Feminine Yoga videos where you can develop your home practice after the course.
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Australian Shiatsu Collge
103 Evans Street, Brunswick, Vic 3056


$295 before 1st of Feb 2020.
$350 Full Price.

Non-Refundable Deposit: $150.

Pay the remainder for EB price by the 1st of Feb.

* This price does not include a Jade Egg.  If you do not have a Jade Egg, you will need to purchase your Jade Egg separately. More details will be sent to you upon your registration and booking.

“Feminine yoga with Atira is the most profound thing I have ever done, for awakening my sensuality, helping me with my body image, and healing from the trauma of birth. It helped me to process the trauma of childbirth, because it’s one thing to do it intellectually but to process it physically was what was so profound and really helped me to acknowledge everything that happened and move on.
Atira has helped me to move through experiences of pain to a new experience of pleasure. My body suddenly became a vessel of love, pleasure and fun.“

– Bec Heelan, Physical Trainer and Mother. Australia


Back in Melbourne only for a short time, Atira is offering this unique 6-week course for women and is looking forward to sharing a new flavour of Sacred  Feminine Yoga in which she has created over the last year.
A senior yoga teacher of 12 years (1000 YTT hrs & E-RTY 500), Atira’s classes support students to discover their own innate wisdom of their bodies through a full spectrum practice, combining asanas, meditations, pranayama, tantric philosophy and self-discovery.
Inspired by Devashi Shakti’s Tigress Yoga and Tantric teachings, Atira’s immersion into the feminine arts include mentoring with Jane Hardwicke Collings from the School of Shamanic Midwifery, Vicki Noble (USA), the 13 moons women’s mysteries, doula training in 2011 with the School of Spiritual Midwifery, Uma Dinsmore Tulli (UK) and immerses herself frequently in the jungles of Peru with women shamans in the Amazon.
Atira mentored under Devashi Shakti from Tigress Yoga for 8 years and has been teaching women’s yoga for 6 years. She is the co-founder and teacher of Women’s Yoga and Leadership Teacher Trainings with her dear friend and colleague, Sofia Araujo, founder of Swara Yoga School. She is also a co-facilitator in retreats with her beloved Shipibo Maestro Juanita in Peru and Spain, and runs an annual Bellydance and Sacred Feminine Yoga retreat in Bali with LAKITA.
Atira brings to her yoga classes an understanding of somatic psychology and trauma recovery through her studies in BMC (Body-Mind Centering), Embodied Flow, Somatic Experiencing and Art Therapy. This awareness and focus on awakening practices allow the yoga practice to be a space for deep healing and growth on all levels. Atira teaches with a particular focus and intention on supporting women to reclaim respect, acceptance and love for their bodies, emotions, sexuality and cycles.
In addition to her yoga and embodiment international teaching, Atira’s deepest passion and purpose is her work with Art to Healing and Yoga for Freedom. For the past 15 years, Atira has supported the trauma recovery of thousands of child sex slaves spanning 8 countries in Asia and the Pacific.
Through Yoga for  Freedom, she has raised over $65,000 to end the vicious cycle of child sex slavery in Nepal and India. 
A Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and PhD candidate in Creative Arts Research, Atira is also a TEDx Speaker and has published numerous peer-reviewed journals and books on her work on mental health and sex slavery.
Inquiries? Please contact me on atira@haveworldwilltravel.com/atira.
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