Namaste Inspired One!

Welcome to your third & final day of the e-course!

Today, we ignite our confidence, will and self-esteem in our ACTION centre, the seat of our Power .
Now that we are clear on the heart of our vision and our wisdom and intuition to help guide our path, we will strengthen and cultivate the vitality, direction and purpose which will support you to launch your ideas into life through conscious and compassionate action.


Journal Questions

Creative Journalling:

1. What is your relationship to your power? Do you feel empowered in your life now? Name a few moments in your life where you remember feeling empowered to take action.
2. What is your felt sense of your Manipura Chakra, the navel centre? Is it excessive or depleted? Or is it balanced? What is that like? Please describe.
3. What are some of the blocks, feelings, patterns, attitudes and experiences that are in the way of you truly owning your power and self-worth?
4. What attitude or energy would you like to infuse in your actions? If you could imagine your actions unfolding to the best possible outcome, what would it look like?
5. What are the practical action steps that you need to take to create your vision into reality? Name and plan how you will action them. What do you need to make this vision a reality?

Get as detailed with the action steps that you need to do, from start to finish.

Ask yourself:

How can I align my power to be of service to the planet to create sustainable and positive change?
What would it feel like if your sense of purpose and direction was aligned to a greater vision, or energy?

Art Therapy

Creative time! It’s time to take it one step further in exploring your ACTION and INNER POWER.
This mandala exercise can help you to anchor your WILL and CONFIDENCE in carrying out the action steps to turn your vision into reality.
Feel free to download and print the Mandala Circle in the link below.