Namaste Inspired One!

Welcome to your second day of the e-course!

Today, we access the wisdom and intuition of our MIND, and clear any resistance, doubts, and fears that arise.
If you’ve noticed resistance that arose in Day 1, use this twisting and balancing yoga practice to dive deeper.
We seek to acknowledge and honour the resistance. When we can compassionately meet our fears instead of running away, surrender, letting go and growth becomes easier. We start to forge a different relationship to our blocks and challenges.


Journal Questions

Creative Journalling:

1. What is your relationship to your intuition? Are you and your intuition good friends? Best Buddies? Or strangers?
2. How can you strengthen the connection to your Wise Intuitive Guidance? Are there some practical ways you can implement this in your life?
3. What did your Wise Intuitive Guidance tell you about your vision and life?
4. Name some of the fears, doubts and resistances that have arisen for you. What have you learnt from them? Are you able to meet them with compassion and love? What do they need?
5. What are the three practical action steps that you need to take to create your vision into reality? Name and plan how you will action them? What do you need?

Get as detailed with the three practical action steps, as much as you can.

 Use your Wise Intuitive Guidance to guide your steps, imagining your actions infused with the HEART of your vision, and the attitude that you would like to infuse your actions with.
Start planning and be as creative as you wish! AND HAVE FUN!

Art Therapy

Creative time! It’s time to create an image of your Wise Intuitive Guidance.
This mandala exercise can help you to anchor your relationship to your Wise Intuitive Guidance.
Feel free to download, print and express your Wise Intuitive Guidance in the Mandala Circle below.