Does that vision need greater clarity and focus?

Or perhaps you’re needing to rekindle the fire of your idea?

In this 3 day mini Yoga and Meditation course, you will explore:

– Getting laser clear about the practical action steps to take in order to create your vision.
– Understanding the “Heart” and “So What” of your vision to align and raise your vibration.
– Connecting to your inner wisdom and intuition to feel balanced and focused.
– Empowering yourself to manifest your dream into reality.

You’ll receive:

– 3 daily meditation & yoga specially designed sequences
– Daily journal questions and art therapy (optional) to take you deeper

And yes, you can do it in the comfort of your own home!


When I’ve got a super inspiring vision or idea…it fires me up!
It fills me with aliveness and enthusiasm!
But not long after…the overwhelm, the doubt and the fears start to sprout, and soon they start to grow into a garden of weeds that take over my inspiring vision!


the overwhelm, doubt and fears are part of the spiritual growth and process to align your vibration towards your dream.
It’s part of the magnificent journey towards empowerment and creation.
The Clarifying your Vision E-course will help you to: keep your vibrations high, laser clear on the practical action steps, and relaxed and grounded as you transform your awesome idea into reality!

Go courageous you!

I can’t wait to see you bring your inspiration into life!

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